Columbus Lions support diabetes awareness

Published 3:34pm Friday, December 7, 2012

Curtis Ericson, Lions’ North Carolina Chairperson for diabetes awareness, spoke to the Columbus Lions at a recent meeting.

NC Lions Chairperson Curtis Ericson

Diabetes is a special cause for all Lions, since it is a leading cause of blindness and eye disease. Combating these problems has been a primary goal for Lions since 1925 when Helen Keller challenged them to become “Knights of the Blind.” Ericson told the Lions that every eight seconds, someone in the world dies from the complications of diabetes. Complications include heart disease, stroke, lower limb amputations and kidney failure. More than 90 percent of those with this disease have Type 2 diabetes.

Quite often Type 2 can be prevented by achieving a healthy bodyweight and performing regular moderate physical activity. Indicators include extreme thirst, unexplained weight loss, frequent urination or a family history of diabetes. Ericson asked the Lions to make a strong commitment to fight diabetes and diabetic eye disease, and to spread awareness throughout their community.

The Columbus Lions meet on the first and third Thursday evenings at Calvert’s Restaurant in Columbus, and they encourage anyone interested in community service to visit with them.

For information, call Helen Trevathan at 828-894-7062.

– article submitted by Helen Trevathan

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