The Peanut Man Jim Parres. (photo by Anne Regan)

The Peanut Man of Campobello Jim Parres

Published 5:28pm Monday, December 3, 2012

Driving through Landrum, most weekends, you will see a unique vehicle parked at the Landrum Veterinary Hospital.

Jim Parres, aka The Peanut Man, created and designed the look.

Parres and his wife, Gail, for many years vacationed in the foothills every summer from Florida. The two liked the area so much they decided to relocate to Campobello 12 years ago.

Always self-employed, Parres took great pride in his work. Working on old cars and the ever popular, especially in Florida, muscle cars.

“I had a thriving detail shop for over 40 years in Orlando, Fla. My detailing was matched by none,” Parres said.

This is obvious when you spot the “Peanut Man’s” truck. The vehicle started out as a 1966 VW car bug, the Parres modified it to a suped-up mini truck. Friends enjoyed eating his peanuts and encouraged him to use his creative abilities. Therefore the peanut vehicle was hatched. From his past business experience Parres says, “I knew I needed flash, a gimmick,” to again be successful.

The “flash” is a semi hot rod painted in the colors of a peanut and on most days a very bright outdoor umbrella in the bed of the pick up.

Parres and Gail own a show dog, which connected them with Dr. Donna Raines at Landrum Veterinary Hospital. Sharing his idea about the peanut man with Dr. Raines, a barter plan was reached. Parres agreed to perform odd jobs at the hospital for a space in the parking lot along Hwy. 14.

Parres enjoys his customers, having established friendship with his regulars.

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