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Make lifestyle changes to prevent dieting burnout

Published 10:40am Friday, November 30, 2012

When trying to lose weight and get in shape, ever feel like giving up?

See if this sounds familiar. You’re dieting and exercising. One moment you feel like you’re on top of your game. You feel great; like you can do this forever. The next minute, you’re telling everyone who will listen how sick you are of dieting and exercising.

Please don’t feel like you’re alone. I totally understand this feeling. Think about it. After I’ve trained people all day long, do you think I say to myself, “Oh boy, now I get to work out?” It’s tough sometimes, but you still can do it. You can make real, positive changes to your body, even if you’ve failed a thousand times before.

One of my clients who drives all the way from Charlotte, said she had tried just about every diet, and exercise program she had heard of, but she gave it one more try, and has lost 71 pounds so far. Look, there are a variety of reasons we sometimes feel like giving up on our exercise and diet programs. One of the biggest, is we don’t see results fast enough. Remember, changing eating habits, and starting an exercise program are lifestyle changes. These changes should be made slowly. Some folks don’t stick to their program because they don’t think it’s fun. 

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