Left in good hands

Published 10:36am Friday, November 30, 2012

Amber, who was well aware of what Misty meant to me, approached me and said, “Lennie, I love Misty and I promise I will take her on and find her a new home.” Much to my delight and true to her word, she made that happen.

Linda and her family had lost their Boxer a few months ago (that’s little Noah in the photo with Misty). Amber introduced them to Misty and related her whole story.  The bond was immediate and strong.  Linda made it clear to Amber that no matter what it took my sweet Misty would live out the rest of her life in her home.

I visited Misty and Linda last week and I was hard pressed to hold back the tears of joy.  As Linda and I spoke, Misty was all over me, soaking up attention like a sponge and rewarding me with kisses for my efforts.  Misty went to the porch door and asked out.  Linda and I joined her and after she did her business we played for a few minutes.  Back inside, Misty walked over to Linda and sat at her feet and looked up at me with a great big smile on her face. “I get it sweetheart,” I said to her, “but what pleases me more is that you get it.”

A few days later I received an email from Amber that read, “Lennie, it has been an honor and an privilege to get to know you and to work with you.”

I sat back and sighed as I sent a little prayer of thanks to our Lord, for it seemed to me that the shelter is being left in some pretty good hands.  I have added Amber to my list of nicknames, henceforth I will call her “Promise.”

Thanks for listening.

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