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Published 5:41pm Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Columbus approves vets park application form and policy

• The Town of Columbus now has an application form for groups to use veterans park. Council met Thursday, Nov. 15 and approved an application and policy that gives priority to veteran and government groups. The park can be reserved up to two months in advance and the application can be approved by the town manager.

Columbus to increase speeding enforcement on Case Street

• After being requested to install a speed bump along Case Street in Columbus, town council has decided to increase police enforcement there instead. Council met Thursday, Nov. 15 and discussed the costs and the opportunity to place a mobile radar speed trailer there. Saluda owns the unit, but it is available for all Polk County law enforcement. Town manager Jonathan Kanipe also said employees have spoken with other Case Street residents who do not want a speed bump and offered the use of their driveways for police cars to turn around.

Columbus to get 10 new parking spaces

• Downtown Columbus should have 10 new parking spaces sometime this week along North Peak Street. Columbus Town Manager Jonathan Kanipe updated council on Nov. 15 that the town has completed the project along the eastern side of North Peak Street to create approximately 10 new parking spaces and the public works department is working to stripe the areas. Kanipe said the spaces should be available for use this week.


Tryon to lease one of Columbus’ recycling containers

• The Town of Tryon agreed to on Nov. 20 lease one of Columbus’ recycling containers for $350 per year. The town plans to place the bins near its maintenance shed. Columbus Town Council met Nov. 15 and discussed changing the proposed agreement to reflect the one bin. Columbus has talked with the schools, who have indicated they do not have a use for the other bins. Columbus town manager Jonathan Kanipe said he plans to talk to the hospital and other organizations regarding use of the bins.

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