Making time for gratitude more than once a year

Published 11:59am Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keep a gratitude journal – Every day make a note of two or three things for which you are grateful.

Pray – People can use prayer to cultivate gratitude by way of thanking God for their many blessings.

Mindfulness meditation -This type of meditation involves focusing on this moment without judgment. Often when you are in “this moment” it is possible to focus on what you are grateful for even if it is as simple as a comfortable chair or a warm room.

Consider what you do have. Often people will bemoan what they don’t have like a new car or a more expensive home. It is easy to forget how fortunate we are and what an abundant world in which we live.

In closing, a recent study done by Robert Emmons a psychology professor at the University of California – Davis shows that people who see gratitude as a permanent state of mind take better care of themselves, eat a healthier diet and exercise more frequently than most people. If you would like to be happier and healthier try some of the suggestions above. Or, for more information you may wish to visit or simply Google “gratitude” for about 72,000,000 results.

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