Hide And Watch

Published 8:16pm Monday, November 19, 2012

To the editor:

I have voted in every election (both Presidential and otherwise) for 48 years, and not once did I ever vote straight ticket. I did not vote for either Bush, and I have voted for more Democrats than Republicans.

Barack Obama, Mr. Clark, does not care what is in your or this country’s best interest. He is an arrogant, underhanded and manipulative person who, if doesn’t get his way, will bypass Congress, evoke executive privilege and force his programs on the American public.

These programs will create double-digit unemployment and inflation, as well as ruin this great nation both financially and morally for years to come.

I am not unhappy because Romney lost. I am unhappy because more people didn’t see or want to see this happening, and I’m not nearly as unhappy as you will be in the months to come.

Don’t believe me? Well, hide and watch, buddy. Hide and watch!

- Morton Poliakoff, Tryon

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