Second place field hunters Amy Shanahan, Reta Robbins and Sara Riggins come into the finish line Oct. 14. (photo by Lou Smith)

Tryon Hounds annual fall hunter pace at Meadows of Campbell Creek

Published 4:01pm Monday, November 5, 2012

The Tryon Hounds annual fall hunter pace took place at the lovely Meadows of Campbell Creek off of Tugaloo Road in Gowensville, overlooking Glassy Mountain.

The faithful work crew for the trails consisted of Nelson Mimmick, Master Dean McKinney, Mike Axelrod and Jordan Hicks, and two Kobotas. There was even chain saw art done on location from a fallen tree. A sturdy jump better than 3 feet was constructed. The work on the trails took about eight hours of trimming and marking and was 9 miles long. Mike and Roberta Axelrod rode the course for optimum time at one hour and 23 minutes.

Anita Williamson once again was the timer in Joey Cabiness’ absence, sending riders out and timing their arrival back. Anne Pierce checked in 111 riders, giving them numbers and seeing proof of Coggins testing. While all of this was going on Nelson Mimmick, Dean McKinney, Richard Pierce and Justin Williamson were kept busy directing parking.

As late morning rolled in Master Kerry Holmberg and huntsman Jordan Hicks fired up the grill preparing for the hungry riders. Delicious slaw, baked beans and chips complimented the hamburgers and hot dogs – yummy cookies and drinks topped it off. Joan Wescott Sweet graciously served the food, while Jen Jordan oversaw that all supplies were available.

The very fact that we can enjoy this activity in the great out of doors is directly related to the generosity and good wishes of the landowners who have given their generous permission to ride over their properties.

Riders passed through or just outside the properties of Madelon Wallace, Jan and Norm Petersen, Joe Henson, then the Henson family landowners near Highway 11 and trail that leads to the new “chain saw jump,” Kevin and Michele Sumner, formerly Chicky Brown Farm and their inviting jumps; and then by Richard Kulger on to the corner of Campbell-Tugaloo. Riders crossed Eric and Mary Eberins’ on the corner; on to Mary Wall Hendersons, and Penny Dean, cross Penny’s driveway into the woods, and then down into the tomato field. A good gallop takes us to the checkpoint commanded by Skip Leck and Jim Sumrall. Instructed, they cross back over Campbell Road and down Lovers Lane to Susie Mercks land, taking them to the top of the hill past Tom and Vickey Jackson. Continuing on, they came to the double bridges, one being newly named “the devil’s bridge” due to a glitch happening on the trail marking.  Soon we are near Red Horse Inn, Mary Walters and into a field with a view – Ed and Noreen Cotheran.  After catching their breath from the view they headed for home – crossing back to Tugaloo to Stone house, and being checked in at the finish line where Anita Williamson was waiting.  

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