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Vote the person, not the political label

Published 3:52pm Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To the editor:

Just when I had grown really tired of partisan, bickering ideologues from both political parties on the national level, George Alley announced his candidacy to represent NC House District 113.

Suddenly, I was interested in politics again.

I worked with George when he was the executive director of the American Red Cross in Polk County, and my first thought was that he would be perfect for the representative’s job.

He’s smart as a whip, knowledgeable about the people and concerns in this area, and he is a reasonable, thoughtful and respectful person who enjoys engaging in conversations with people of differing perspectives.

He happens to be a Democrat, but, if the label is not as important to you as the person who will represent your interests, who will be able to engage and encourage dialogue across the aisle at the state level, please research George Alley’s positions through or on Facebook and give him your vote.

Republicans and independents have voted for him in early voting, saying they see in him a person who can reach across differences with an energetic attitude, and workable, sensible plans.

While thae national political scene may be hyperpartisan, at least we have the opportunity in our little corner of NC to choose a representative who appeals to many and who will advocate for us all.

- Claire Sachse, Green Creek

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