Small earthquake felt nearby

Published 9:01am Tuesday, October 30, 2012

North Carolina residents felt a 2.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday morning. The United States Geological Society confirmed the earthquake occurred 8 miles south of Marion.
Area resident Barbara Madill, who lives off Hwy. 108, said she heard the quake more than she felt it.
“I heard this noise so I moved through the house and heard it again,” Madill said. “It was a sound just like I hear when the wind moves the picnic table on my deck. Even though the wind was blowing, the table hadn’t moved, so I immediately wanted to find out what was going on.”
Madill said a friend on facebook posted a link about the quake almost immediately after.
According to a map provided by the USGS, residents near Polk County could have potentially felt weak shaking at most but it’s more likely that most would not have felt it at all.

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