Commission candidates respond to final Bulletin question

Published 6:48pm Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The county and towns do have joint water ventures at this time. The three municipalities have a joint water line agreement that allows water to flow between Columbus to Saluda via Tryon. This was achieved through loans and grant monies.

The Town of Columbus and the county have a water agreement that allows water to flow between Columbus to Mill Spring, or to Saluda using the new water line that the county installed. This relationship is working well, and should grow in time.

In the future the state will require the counties to form water authorities, but until that time, I will not force any municipalities to join.  As the county expands its water system it should also evaluate how the expansion will affect the three municipalities, never infringing on the water customer of those municipalities.

While in my second term on the Columbus Town Council, I pushed for joint meetings between the municipalities and county, leading to a better understanding of the overall needs of our community. This is a relationship I would strive for as a commissioner. The projects that we could work on don’t have to be large scale, they can be as simple as a street clean up. It is my hope that this will build a trust and respect between all parties.

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