Polk Central School first-graders Jordy Rojas, Gracy Roberts and Conner O’Shields were obviously delighted to be chosen by their teachers as Terrific Kids. (photo submitted by Lynn Montgomery)

Polk Central Kiwanis Terrific Kids for October

Published 3:26pm Friday, October 26, 2012

During October, school counselor Susan Howell talked to students about using good judgment, the character trait of the month. Each teacher chose the student(s) in her class who had been showing good judgment by making the right decision in situations at school. The following students are the Kiwanis Terrific Kids for October:

Ms. Johnson – Kristian Ruff; Ms. Jackson – Joslyn Gilmore; Ms. Skeie – Yoana Dominguez; Ms. Whittemore – Emmalyn Rathbone; Ms. Tanko – Dominic Painter; Ms. Edwards – Will Dotson; Ms. McCormick – Myra McMahon; Ms. Schladenhauffen – Natalie Serrano; Ms. Powell – Gracy Roberts; Ms. Bame – Conner O’Shields; Ms. Cox – Jordy Rojas; Ms. Dotson – Kaleigh Wilson, Jaren McDowell and Victoria Garcia; Ms. Fowler – Michelle Ketwitz; Ms. Walters – Matthew Lewis; Ms. Ford – Michael Bradley; Ms. Carlson – David Ramirez; Ms. Siegel – Katherine Campuzano-Gomez; Ms. Arledge – Ben Hardin; Ms. Davis – Hannah Ridings; Ms. Wilson – Steffan Walker; Ms. Hardin – Ariel Ballard; Ms. Smith – Noah Foy; and Ms. Walter – Anastasia Ballard and Landry Edwards.

– article submitted by Lynn Montgomery

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