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Commission candidates respond to Bulletin questions

Published 9:53am Friday, October 26, 2012

Why are you running for the Polk County Board of Commissioners?

I’m running for re-election because I love Polk County and want to see it, and its people, thrive. I get my joy from helping people.

I’m running to continue doing good things for you. Our majority lowered Polk’s debt by 40 percent. We lowered our tax rate 3 cents per hundred, placing Polk in the lowest 25 percent of NC counties for tax rate.

We reorganized Polk’s economic development department to spur job creation. That has already brought back textile manufacturing jobs. 180 new businesses have opened in Polk County in just the last year. Polk County is now truly business friendly, as this evidence proves.

We provided additional funding to offset education cuts made by the state legislature. And we saved the “More at Four” program for pre-schoolers.

After the “liberty” folks placed the ugly ads, caricatures of me and falsehoods on their website, people have asked, “Why don’t you just say ‘life’s too short’ and walk away?” It’s because I don’t want to turn Polk County over to people who do such things, or to people who accept and endorse the help of such bullies in getting elected.

The man behind the “liberty” ads has manipulated Polk County politics before. Then, using falsehoods and advertising, he drove an excellent public servant out of Polk County politics. Now he’s trying to do it to me.

My opponents “say” they have nothing to do with the “liberty” tactics. But they accept and endorse them. All three of my Republican opponents have “liberty” signs on their property. Clearly, all three endorse the “liberty” methods of ugliness and spreading fear and falsehoods. If they win using those tactics, who will run for commissioner in the future? This group must not be allowed to be the gatekeepers for others who sincerely want to serve Polk County.

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