They don’t make them like they used to!

Published 9:02am Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nowadays cars will run for a 100,000 miles or more without a tune-up or a new fuel pump. Some tires are warranted for 80,000 miles, and some do not require air (or even nitrogen, as some dealerships want to put in your tires to prolong their useful lives)! And the information available on your dash board today is truly mind-boggling.
It is not only cars that are different. Remember the toasters with only one heating element, with hinged doors? They toasted one side of the bread, then you opened the doors, the bread slid down, and the other side was toasted when you closed the doors again. You had to guess when to open the doors!  Now the “pop-up” toasters time the burn to toast both sides at once, then slide the toast up when it is ready.
And how about the good ol’ percolators for making coffee? I thought it was wonderful to see the coffee spurt up into the pointy glass thingy on top, and it made a most inviting noise with each perk. I was too young to enjoy coffee then, but later I learned about coffee breaks in the Air Force, and coffee became an essential day starter.
My 600-word limit will keep me from going any further into the kitchen or to the laundry, but they don’t make anything in there like they used to, either. On balance, that should not be lamentable, but cause for enthusiastic cheering from the ladies.

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