Published 5:41pm Thursday, October 25, 2012

No time in most countries of the world for education of the children, they are hauling water or boiling it because it maybe contaminated. 200 million hours spent each day collecting and processing water. Most people in developing countries use less water per day than I flush down the toilet in one use (four to seven gallons).
As I walked on I thought of all the folks who are displaced by wars and disasters and the miles they walk to find a safe place to sleep out in the cold. I thought, “I walk because I am too fat, and too sedentary, because I am blessed, they walk just to exist.”
I kept walking and the steps seemed lighter. Before I knew it I had walked a mile and a half. I began to see the blessings around me – the sight, sounds, smells – the good mornings of fellow walkers and runners. This was actually a blessing.
How about it? Want to take a walk? The Foothills CROP Walk begins 2 p.m. at Harmon Field , Sunday, Nov. 4. Contact your church, class, club or business representative and find out how you can share the blessings of walking and change the world.
Don’t have a representative in your organization? Call Lance Smith 828-859-9414
– Lance Smith, Tryon

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