Pet blessing at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Oct. 14

Published 10:22pm Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will meet on Sunday, Oct. 14 at 10:30 a.m. at the Tryon Youth Center on Rt. 176 N.
Reverend Jean Rowe will speak on the topic, “How Animals Bless Our Lives.” She will be assisted by Angela Creech.
“As household companions, animals bless and enrich our lives with their calm or playful personalities, remind us to take walks and get exercise and also to rest. We also celebrate animals in the wild and remember many species are still endangered by urban development and pollution,” said Rowe.
The service will include a “blessing of the animals” service. Creech, who is part Cherokee and a professional pet caretaker who communicates with animals in a natural, intuitive way, will join Rowe. Creech is part Cherokee and a professional pet caretaker who will share stories about communicating with animals.
You are welcome to bring your friendly, healthy animal companions, safely caged or restrained on short leashes. (Church officials said they are not able to safely accommodate horses or larger animals, but dogs, cats and smaller critters are welcome.) You are also welcome to bring photos of larger animals, current animals unable to attend or of those animals no longer with you.
There will be an opportunity to introduce your pet(s), time for them to take a break during the talk and then a pet blessing at the end of the service.
Feel free to come early to share hospitality and fellowship. For information call 828-894-5776 or visit
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by Dan Dworkin

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