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Fundraising and why

Published 12:43pm Friday, September 28, 2012

I recently visited Lord Dudley, who used to be Mr. Budweiser, whom I called Trippy.  Dudley is the hobo dog who carried a severely damaged leg around with him for years. He’s doing wonderfully and it warms my heart to see him dart around with a constant smile of contentment on his face.
I intend to visit Buck as soon as his momma gets back from the Far East.  Meanwhile he and Dugan have hit if off like they were whelped from the same litter.  Dr. Donna Raines and I will be taking Lazarus back to Upstate for an examination either this week or next.  He seems to have healed beautifully and he’s most certainly cared for and loved.
This week we helped sweet Cooper and little Petey as we said goodbye to Charleston, the loving Maine Coon cat I told you about 5 years ago.  After fighting diabetes all his inner organs began to shut down as we tearfully witnessed his final purr.
Each year I host two major fundraisers for my kids, a gala at Tryon Estates in late spring and the Bark in the Park at Harmon Field in the fall.  Many individuals along with local establishments donate their goods and services to help make these events a success.
On Saturday, October 6th between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. we’ll be presenting our third annual Bark in the Park at Harmon Field.It is a fun event and there will be something there for everyone.
One major case can wipe out all the money raised at these events and one may wonder how Lennie’s Fund goes on in between them. I have donations jars at a few places in the community and sometimes I receive checks in the mail from people I may never have met.  Mostly it’s from folks who just walk up to me and hand me a donation, often saying, “I wish I could do more.”  These gestures, no matter what the size of the donation, never ceases to humble me as I extend blessings on behalf of my kids.  It’s like the miracle of the loaves and fishes.
Please try to attend our Bark in the Park and bring your wallets and checkbooks. We also need cakes and cookies for our bake sale (surprise us).  “Have fun and meet many like-minded people as we attempt to help more of God’s very special gift to us.
Thanks for listening.

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