Polk’s Shalyn Brown serves in the third game against Owen on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Polk won the match. (photo by Elizabeth Trautman)

Lady Wolverines volleyball team smashes Owen

Published 6:09pm Friday, September 21, 2012

by Elizabeth Trautman
Polk County High School’s women volleyball team pocketed another win Tuesday, Sept. 18 against Owen. With the team’s eyes on another conference win, the players were quick on their feet and defended with sharp returns.
The first game, ending quickly at 25-5, justified Polk County’s reputation for top players.
Game two was no different, as the players operated as a top-notch team, appearing to have been training on working well with one another. With Polk recognizing Owen’s weak open areas and quickly taking advantage, Owen found itself repeatedly fumbling to keep ahead of the ball.
Sarah Phipps, no. 12 for the Wolverines, aced a shot, bringing Polk’s score to 10 to 4. Caitlin Britton, no. 5, served solid hits for Polk, adding several points to Polk County’s scoreboard. The Lady Wolverines aced several more shots, including scores from Kara Overholt, no. 1, Shalyn Brown, no. 9, and Savannah Deaver, no. 7. Polk players appeared to be communicating well and were swift on their feet, covering their entire playing area.
Savannah Deaver was strong at guard for Polk’s front, blocking several attempts by Owen to score. Polk held the lead, 21 to 7, at the time of the first time out. The Lady Wolverines finished the win with the game point scored by Katie Ruff, no. 3.
Owen scrambled to keep up with Polk, but the Wolverines were too organized and strong. Amidst the scramble, Owen continued to leave bald, open areas, where Polk County repeatedly slammed them.
During the third game, Polk continued with clean solid shots and serves. Ruff delivered kill shots and Overholt led many assists. Deaver slammed Polk’s 17th point.
Owen’s libero slipped and appeared injured in the third game, but was able to finish out the match. However, Owen was no match for Polk’s aim and decisive hits. Polk County’s ability to deliver precise and effective shots was crucial to the team’s solid and relatively quick victory.
Lady Wolverine’s Coach Heather Claussen summarized the team’s performance by saying, “Our team executed on the things we needed to do on our side. We’re trying to incorporate some new things into our offense so were focused on taking care of business on our side of the net more than what was going on on the other side.”

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