Polk County High’s Lady Wolverines defeated Mountain Heritage Tuesday, Sept. 4, 3-0. (photo by Jessi Allison)

Wolverine women’s volleyball takes out Mtn. Heritage

Published 7:03pm Wednesday, September 12, 2012

by Elizabeth Trautman
The Lady Wolverines game against Mt. Heritage on Tuesday, Sept. 4 gave Polk a chance to show their claws as they battled for their 3-0 win.
The Wolverines started with a smashing 25-to-12 win in the first game. The Lady Wolverines played consistent strong shots and Sarah Phipps, #12 for Polk County, made it hard for the Cougars to finish a point out. However, what seemed to be an easy win suddenly became a neck-and-neck battle for the next two games.
As the second game tied up 10 to 10, it was evident that Mtn. Heritage was not going to give up any wins to Polk that easily again. Polk’s Katie Ruff helped the Wolverines score key shots. The Lady Wolverines then earned six straight points, only to have Mtn. Heritage come back for six more consecutive points themselves.
The Wolverines realized, as they took their first time out at 20 to 19, that the Cougars were going to be a challenge. Polk County looked to take the game 24 to 21, but in a turn of events, Mtn. Heritage aced four shots in a weak spot of the Polk team. Taylor Parker of the Cougars covered most of the return shots from Polk. Despite that setback, Polk came back and was able to pull out a 27-to-25 victory in the second game.
The third game looked be a lot like the second one when the teams tied 10 to 10, and it became evident Polk would be playing another neck-and-neck game. Each opportunity Polk had to take the lead was quickly extinguished and the score tied up again. However, Polk never let the Cougars loose with any significant lead and was able to finish game three with another victory, 25 to 21.
Coach Heather Claussen said she was pleased to see the ladies win.
“A 3-0 victory is a great win for us but we need to focus on being more consistent with our play. We tend to lose a little of fierceness somewhere between the first and the last game. If we can overcome the inconsistencies we’ll go far – very far – this season,” Claussen said.

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