A lengthening prayer list

Published 12:11pm Monday, August 27, 2012

I spoke with Dr. Sandy Davidson and I was venting my frustrations.  The wise lady just smiled and said, “Such is the price we pay for what we do.”  I began to think of all the others who rescue and the stories we share as we try to support and help each other.  Lori (who is helping with Dixie), Randy, Chris, Danielle and so many others.
Sandy brought me back down to earth, it was time to quit complaining and feeling sorry for myself.  I can only do what I can for the animals, I cannot change human nature, I must leave that to a higher power.
Yesterday I went to visit the Larson’s, Bert had just lost his younger brother Eric, who had been suffering with heart problems for a while.  Elaine and I let them know that we’d be there for whatever they needed while they were in Florida attending services.  After condolences we had a pleasant visit as I was once again inundated by their animals.  We realized that each of us had lost a sibling and were ever grateful for our friendship.  Jeanette, who is always concerned about my health, said, “You look ragged Lennie, go home and get some sleep.”  They remain in my prayers.
And now I must answer a letter from my daughter in Afghanistan.  Six months down on this trip and six to go.  I will send my love, pride and encouragement to her and all her fellow troops and let them know they are now and forever in my prayers.  I suppose I’m keeping the Good Lord quite busy but He’s promised He can handle it.
Thanks for listening.

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