Whispering ghosts in the little old church

Published 1:04pm Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just before they reached the old church, a summer thunderstorm caught them. Knowing that the door remained unlocked as a possible refuge from a storm, they ran the last hundred yards and entered the building.
They found two hard benches near the door and stretched out to get a little sleep while the rain came down outside. Both were almost asleep whey they began to hear whispering sounds near the pulpit at the other end of the church.
The noise sounded like two people whispering to each other. The brothers suddenly had the feeling that there were other people besides themselves in the building. They decided to continue their journey in the rain.
Before they could go through the door, they froze in fear as they heard what sounded like the footsteps of a girl or woman, with little feet coming down the aisle toward them. Then, the footsteps left the aisle, went over to the wall, went up the wall, and back to the pulpit where the whispering began once more.
That was enough for them. They hurriedly slipped out the door and walked all night in the rain toward home.
Only after several years had passed, did they try to solve the mystery of the whispering ghosts. When visiting the little old church again on a summer night with no rain outside, they again heard footstep and whispering sounds. This time, however, they determined the strange sounds were being made by a pair of flying squirrels, who were nesting in the old church.

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