L.G. (Little Girl), a fabulous effort

Published 9:42am Friday, July 27, 2012

Early the next morning (a Wednesday) I went down to my church, put all other thoughts from my mind and prayed hard for Little Girl.  Later that afternoon I received a call fro Don Lovak, who lives in Virginia.  Don saves diabetic cats and would take L.G. if we could get her to him with all her records.  I spoke with this angel of a man for nearly one hour and was amazed at the wonderful work he does all at his own cost.  I promised we’d get back to him soon, as soon as I contacted Dana, whom he knew through the internet. I called Dana, told her about the phone call and gave her Don’s number. “This is amazing,” Dana said, “Emmy has to leave for Virginia early Friday morning and he lives in exactly the same area code where she is going, keep your fingers crossed.”
All contacts were made and everyone seemed to be on the same page as new friendships were forged.  Emmy picked up L.G. on Thursday evening, learned how to give shots and would be delivering her to her new home in Virginia on Monday morning.
On Friday I went to Landrum vet to settle L.G.’s bill and it was slightly less than $200.  “What’s this?” I asked Elaine, “the boarding alone should be more than this.”
Elaine smiled and shrugged her shoulders, “See Dr. Raines.”  Donna had already given me a free case this year and always cuts corner to keep my fees as low as possible. When I confronted her, she said, “L.G. was a good and easy keeper, her boarding is on me.”
As I hugged her I said,” I guess I’ll have to cook you another Italian dinner.”  “That’s a great deal,” she replied, the good lady’s face beaming with joy.
Little Girl is now comfortable and happy in her new home with Don Lovak and his team.
I’d like to dedicate this week’s tale to all those who step up to help me and my kids with three in particular, a canine and his two humans.
To Dana and Emmy and in memory of Champ, the therapy dog, who always greeted Uncle Lennie with warmth. The only thing Champ loved better than food was people, or as Champ would say, “Well, maybe.”
If you get a chance, look him up on the internet and you’ll learn something that I’ve always known, “He was simply the best.”
Thanks for listening.

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