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Back to work, it begins again

Published 2:36pm Friday, July 6, 2012

LG (little girl) was brought to Landrum vet on my approval over a month ago.  She is an 8 year old Calico that has diabetes.  Our goal was to adjust her medicine and return her to her owner with medical assistance when needed.  I have two others that I do this for on occassion.  She’s   doing fantastic, loves attention and head butts and purrs up a storm when attention is given.  She hates her cage though and needs a home because the person who brought her in cannot be contacted.  Her bill, ongoing.
While I was gone, a loving and beautiful Boxer named Harley, was attacked by coyotes and had some deep wounds.  My dear wife, Elaine, knew I would take him on (which I would have) and did so in my name.  I visited him yesterday and told him, “Uncle Lennie has you covered, sweet boy.”  He responded with the dance of joy, which brought tears to my eyes.  His bill will be at least $700.  The owner has promised to help with the bill as did Ashley’s owner, who did pay $160 toward her bill.
I have quickly gone through the monies I’ve raised at my last fundraiser and my Bark in the Park is scheduled for Oct. 6. All those that I have helped who’ve promised to give a little back, please try to do so if you can.  There are so many others that need help, we must never let the lack of money deter us from saving lives.
Thanks for listening.

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