Dugan and Buck

The perfect send off

Published 11:41am Friday, June 22, 2012

Next week we will publishing a previous Special Cases that you have chosen.  My dear friend and editor of this newspaper, Samantha Hurst will impart the details as I head to Alaska, to fulfill another lifelong dream.
It has been nearly four months since Buck had been found with a severely injured foreleg after being struck by a vehicle.  There are so many people to thank for us getting this far, truly a fantastic team effort.
The folks at Buck’s Pizza, who initially found him and brought him to my attention.  They have kept in constant contact, raised monies to help  with his boarding and keep those interested in him in the loop.
The special care given at Landrum vet during his initial healing phase, which took over eight weeks with me taking him back to Upstate vet clinic four times after his first operation for evaluation.
The amazing Doctor Keith Allen, who not only performed the difficult operation, but guided me every step of the way on how to proceed with his healing process, which I followed to the letter.
The magnificent people at Dogwood Farms.  I can’t say enough about their willingness to work with me on my special cases and Buck’s.  His last stages of rehabilitation were the toughest for he so wanted to run an was hungry for attention.
Through it all my darling Buck never lost his lust for life and his love for human attention, though at times a bit too enthusiastically.  After the initial 13 weeks of rehab (as per instructions) he was allowed to run for short periods of time for one week, extending his times each day.  Josh and Astrid meticulously monitored his regimen while giving him loads of love and attention. I visited as often as I could, but they did the hard part.
Two weeks ago Buck received the okay to mingle and play with other dogs.  This too was a slow process because Buck, though full of love, is highly excitable and full of energy.  On the fifth day Josh said to me, “I’m amazed at how quick he’s catching on, he’s a smart boy.”
Meanwhile Liz, at Buck’s Pizza, was keeping close contact with Patricia and Dan, who donated to Buck and were interested in adopting if he got along with Dugan, their beautiful black lab.  I had already made it clear that they would have first choice when he was ready.

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