The wheel keeps turning

Published 10:10am Friday, May 18, 2012

Last week I took Buck back to Upstate Veterinary Clinic as promised. Barring unforeseen complications it will be his last trip there. He loves making the trip to see Dr. Allen, or Uncle Keith as he calls him, and I think I’m a bit jealous.
Buck rides in the back seat on my special doggie blanket, excitedly moving from side to side, popping his head out of the window.  In between each crossover, he’ll place his paws over the front seat and lay a few kisses of gratitude on my face.  About halfway through the trip he’ll climb over to the passenger seat and lay down with his head upon my lap.  Each chance I get, I’ll drive with one hand and stroke his head with the other.
Dr. Allen is a wonderful man who did everything he could to keep Buck’s fees on the low end, saving my fund hundreds of dollars, just as he did for my magnificent Snowy. Though the operation itself was expensive, each subsequent visit was absorbed by my dear friend Keith.  Even the last x-rays that we viewed showing how Buck had healed, Dr. Allen said, “don’t bother stopping at the front desk, Lennie, the x-rays are on me.”  Besides his good heart, when it comes to difficult, broken or deformed bones in animals, he is a genius.  For those of you in the know I consider him the Dr. Rosenberg of veterinarians.
By the time this tale is published, Buck will have one week to go without any actual running for safety purposes. If you have any interest in this handsome and loving boy, please contact Josh at Dogwood Farms or myself and we’ll be glad to have you meet him.

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