You can help ensure our area stays beautiful

Published 9:29am Friday, April 13, 2012

Driving through our area we are greeted by natures wonderful paintbrush of color. The lush greenery that envelopes our mountainsides, forests and farm lands pleases the eye and the bright strokes of pinks, purples and reds of flowers warms the heart.
Rivers and streams delight with their flowing waters and calm the senses. You may not give a moments thought to how these views came to be, or perhaps even more importantly, how they continue to be so breathtakingly beautiful, but today I’ll ask you to think about just that and what part you can play in helping keep our area beautiful.
The Pacolet Area Conservancy protects the mountains, forest, farms, waterways and green spaces of our area. In fact they have helped protect more than 8,000 acres in our area.
Their logo says, Pacolet Area Conservancy, Saving the places you love.  Just take a glance out your window, look in any direction and I’m sure you will have to agree – they do a great job!
Now comes the part you can play in ensuring our beautiful area stays beautiful.
Saturday, May 5, the annual PACwalk for Preservation will be held at Tryon Estates and provides the opportunity for a good time while helping raise funds to save our mountains, farms forests, waterways and greenspace.
You can choose to walk or run in support of conservation and registration is easy.  Register on line (both walkers and runners) at or pick up a form at Nature’s Storehouse or the PAC office in Tryon.
For more information you can call PAC at 828-859-5060.

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