JJ and Storm

They teach us love and loyalty

Published 11:28am Friday, March 30, 2012

There are so many things that the noble dog does for we humans out of love and loyalty.  Herders, hunters, therapy and simple household companions.  There is one group that earns my deepest respect and gratitude, service dogs.  Those that rescue or work with the police and armed forces. These magnificent animals sacrifice life and limb in the most dangerous of situations and often give both for our benefit.  The two tales I am about to impart represent one who has already given and one who is willing to do so.
When I received the call from J.J. and Nikki about Storm I was grateful for the opportunity to give back to this hero.  J.J. is a young policeman at the bottom of his pay scale and Nikki is currently out of work due to a broken leg.  I have seen what they have spent on Storm when they could and witnessed the love and care they give their dogs.
Storm is a 4-year-old Belgian Malinos rescued from Heartwell Kennels in Georgia.  I don’t know the reason this beautiful boy wound up at a kennel but just the thought of it offends me.  He has developed heartworm and this nice couple cannot afford the treatment.  I went to Bonnie Brae to see my good friend Dr. Ian Fitch and we worked out a treatment and payment plan. Lennie’s Fund will pay for this and do so gladly.  I don’t know what Storms duties were was but somehow he represents all those that I hold in such high esteem.  What these dogs are willing to do for us should never be forgotten.  So to my new friend Storm, “you get well and live out your life in your new forever home.  This time someone has got your back.”
I will let Magic’s former fosterer and trainer tell you about him.  Hopefully some of our local law enforcement will contact their brethren in surrounding areas on his behalf.
I am a loyal, nerve steady one and a half year old Rottweiler with feet the size of dessert plates.  I need security job because my dream is to protect a police person.
I have a bit of German Shepherd shaken into my lineage giving me my excellent sniffer and resilient rescue talents.  My other skills are of the highest  natural qualifications such as my courageous boldness, my fearless self assurance and my inherent guarding instincts.
And wow… am I speedy with my far reaching and enduring gate.  I have been timed running 25 miles per hour uphill.  I have a calm gaze and am good humored, but I never get nervous and I do look foreboding when it’s time for business.
The girl canines think I’m attractive because I am powerfully built both in height (27”) and stature (80 lbs.) but my greatest strength is my gifted intelligence and military willingness to serve and please my person.
I have started my security training with a nice person who previously worked in Miami with search and rescue dogs.  She says my Rottie ancestors guarded livestock during the march of the Roman Soldiers across Europe way back when.  She also says I’ve got the right stuff, even though I’m not a Euro-chic Belgian Malinois or Tervuren.  I am just an American -made fox hole buddy who will put my life on the line for my partner’s love and safety.
I’m called Flynn by my trainer and others call me Magic.  It doesn’t matter that you call me as long as I can sleep near you.
My trainer thinks we should be a bit wiser about dogs.  People sometimes have the opinion that dogs are less complete when measured against humans.
But dogs are perfect just as they are.  They are gifted with the senses we do not have:  dogs hear what we don’t, see what we don’t and smell what we don’t.  They also sense the invisible truth of changing energies sensing everything from anger and danger to sadness and joy.

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