Answering my own question

Published 10:45am Friday, March 23, 2012

Next I head off to see Liz and Tyler at Buck’s Pizza to give them the run down as I had promised I would.  They make me one of their fantastic meatball sandwiches, which they know I love, then hand me a few hundred dollars of their own money plus another hundred they had raised.  “God bless you,” I exclaim, fighting back tears of gratitude, “this will go a long way to help with his bill at Landrum.”  They promise to try to raise more and I leave with my food from heaven.  I arrive home and answer a few phone calls as I eat my sandwich, not realizing how hungry I was for sometimes I forget to eat.  I learn that Buck is scheduled to be operated on next Tuesday at 11 a.m.  It being Friday, I quickly call F.H.S. to rearrange my schedule then take the phone in with me to try and squeeze in an hour nap.  Don’t laugh, I’ll admit I’m getting old.
A lot has happened on Buck’s behalf since then and thus far it is all good.  I promise I will fill you in on this magnificent boy’s tale when things finalize.
Before I conclude I will try to answer the question I posed to myself.  I haven’t any doubt of the love I receive from my family and friends but I am fallible and I, like all of us, make mistakes now and then.  I’ll say the wrong thing or not do what’s expected of me and as is human nature, their love falters.
I do what I do because I’ve learned that there are only two entities that love me unconditionally, my kids and my Lord.
Thanks for listening.

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