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A day of joy

Published 11:02am Friday, March 9, 2012

Along with Gizmo, the Wallahora’s have two older dogs and Treasure, who is now Gracie, a little Boston terrier mix who was another of my kids.
On my visit my first attention was given to the two older dogs because we never know how long we’ll have them and I want them to know they’ll always be loved. Gizmo trotted over, sat down at my feet and looked up at me lovingly with his one blue eye and one brown eye.  As I knelt down and wrapped my arms around him, Richard tearfully exclaimed, “He never forgets you, Lennie.”  “I know Richard,” I answered, “he’s always in heart too.”  Meanwhile, Gracie the Boston terrier was on her back kicking her feet in the air making pretty.  I went over to rub her tummy, “I love you too darling.”  We went outside for a little more running and playing and then  came the time to make this visit complete.
Richard and Susan often foster and a beautiful 2 year old girl had been brought into F.H.S. on Feb. 4th, two days after her newborn pups were located.  The seven pups were brought to the shelter about a week old and I was there when mom was brought to nurture them.  My heart got lodged in my throat when I saw her.  She turned out to be wonderful with people and the most loving, caring and perfect mom and thus was aptly named Angelique. The Wallahora’s have a beautiful large area for such occasions with a whelping crate that has plenty of room.  My heart was pounding as we headed to see her and the pups.  My wife, Elaine, whom I brought along, was about to meet Angelique for the first time.  When we opened the door Angelique went into her dance of joy as puppies scampered all around her.  Elaine just gasped as tear of joy rolled down my cheeks, for you see, Angelique looks and acts like my Allie when she was much younger.  You  may or may not remember but I had flashbacks of when John the Great Dane sent me Jeremiah.  We can never know for sure but you can never convince me that Allie didn’t have a hand in this.
The time spent in that room with puppies crawling all over me and Angelique licking my face was utterly joyous and thoroughly healing.  Upon leaving I said goodbye to my boy Gizmo, then looked up to the heavens and whispered, “Thank you Allie, I won’t forget you.”
Thanks for listening.

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