Bringing them back from the brink

Published 10:31am Friday, March 2, 2012

I don’t remember all my special cases, perhaps that’s God’s way of clearing my head so that I can pay attention to the task at hand. I’ve also ceased watching certain animal shows on TV.  I can no longer deal with the frustrating emotions that race through me.  Yet when I come across a new case that stirs me through my bones, many of them flash before me.
Gizmo, tossed from a vehicle, all bruised with a broken hip.
Pippi and Hannah, so emaciated you wonder how they could survive.
Rockie, who had a plastic Pepsi holder embedded in his neck and shoulder.
Phillip, found in a bag with his decomposing siblings.
All these and many more sped through my mind when I first met Kimana.
This tale is in appreciation to all those who deal with the medical problems at Foothills Humane Society and especially my dear friend Lani (bulldog).
“Come look what Cowboy brought in,” Lani said to me with tears visibly flowing down her cheeks. Lani was holding the puppy close to her chest, literally trying to make her well with sheer love.  It is a difficult task both physically and emotionally dealing with these sick, lost and confused  animals  daily.  Lani will not accept any nonsense while dealing with them, hence her nickname bulldog.  With all that I had going on personally it didn’t take much for me to well up with tears along with Lani.
Kimana was four months old and it was a miracle how this pitiful little girl clung to life.  She was covered with fleas, she had Demodex mange and was loaded with hook, whip and round worms.  The poor thing was literally being eaten alive by parasites.  Kimana was placed in a special quarantine room and was treated with food, medicine, love and prayers.  I checked on Kimana each day and asked Lani how she was doing. “Coming along Lennie,” she would answer, “her fur is growing back too and it looks like she’s going to make it.”
Two days ago Lani called me over, “Come look at this, Lennie,” she said.  She entered the room with Kimana and the little girl began dancing with joy, behaving like a normal puppy.  I tearfully watched as she began playing with a pull toy.  I prayed Kimana would soon be in a loving home. Through her revival, she has received the best food, medical care and comfort we could offer.  I don’t know how else to explain this, but I believe it deep within my all heart.  All the care in the world wouldn’t have mattered a bit if it wasn’t for one thing. It began with that initial tearful hug from Lani. Kimana was infused with the best medicine of all, she was loved.
Thanks for listening.

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