Equines impounded due to starvation

Published 11:58am Thursday, February 16, 2012

After investigators surveyed the situation they called the magistrate who issued the seizure order.

“We need help in having people report animals in these situations and we need to let them know we are here and available to help,” Savage said.

Savage said it’s important for community members to know that their names are not disclosed when reporting potential animal cruelty.

Six animal cruelty investigators work Polk County with several of them being trained especially to work with equines. Savage said the investigators get about 10 calls a month and while most of them do not warrant their intervention, she said she’s glad people make the calls all the same.

“Give us a call – I’d rather check 100 calls that are okay to get the one that needs help,” Savage said.

Savage encouraged people to not give potentially starving animals food or water before an investigator can reach the animal. If the investigator sees food and water on site they cannot report that the animal was not being cared for properly.

Savage said FERA is always looking for additional foster homes willing to take in these rescued equines when necessary.

Anyone who needs to get in touch with FERA or one of the animal cruelty investigators can do so by contacted the Foothills Humane Society at 828-863-4444.

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