Titan and Lani

How could you?

Published 10:49am Friday, December 2, 2011

It is a rainy Monday afternoon and I’ve just completed my shift at Foothills Humane Society.  My lower back is aching, I’m fighting a bit of a cold and I’m not in the best of moods.  Please bear with me today for I am truly angry and I intend to vent my frustrations.
Dogs are often abandoned in one form or another all over our country.  They’re left at campsites, rest stops along the highway and often just left on the side of the road.  My cause has allowed me to witness the kindness and caring of many people but I will never understand the coldness of the human heart that could do such a thing.
During the past week, three 15-plus-year-old and infirmed dogs came to FHS. I know them all but was only on hand when the last one came in and he is what I will focus on.
The first is a yellow lab mix full of sores and tumors, so weak that (God bless her) the only thing that still moves well is her tail.
The second is a tri-color beagle whose mouth and teeth are all black and  rotten.  She’s sweet and whatever dental care she needs, Lennie’s Fund will handle.
It started as I was finishing up my shift last Friday when a gentleman walked in with Titan in his arms.  He had seen a car pull over, dump him on the side  of the road and drive off.  Not knowing what else to do, he scooped him up and brought him to the shelter. The gentleman said he couldn’t afford to care for him, which I understand, at least he had enough in his heart not to leave him there.
I went back in and stood by as Lani examined him, both of us tearing up with love and frustration.
“He is so sweet,” Lani said as she cuddled Titan in her arms.  My nickname for Lani is bulldog, but none of us are immune to the heartlessness of certain human excrement. Titan has struck a cord deep in Lani’s heart (I know the feeling) and she dotes on him every spare moment she has. One of our great volunteers has offered to foster Titan so he’ll soon be in a loving home. But you see, that is not the end of the story, Titan is totally blind and deaf.  What Titan does know is love when it’s around him.
My question is, how can anyone spend so many years with these loving creatures and just discard them like so much trash when they become a burden?  I left work last Friday literally shaking with rage, so if any of you read my columns, (which I doubt) please tell me…How could you?
Thanks for listening.
P.S. The person who contacted me about the golden at my fundraiser, all is set and in play, please contact FHS with your name and number. This old man has misplaced it.

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