Good care in a small town

Published 2:24pm Friday, May 27, 2011

Can you get great medical service in a small town?

For me it all started off on a Friday evening. I felt a little uncomfortable, no big deal, just a little back pain.

I took a few Ibuprofen tablets and was sure by morning I would be as good as new – wrong.

Saturday came and I was hurting, a lot. I rested, iced it down and took some more Ibuprofen, hoping it would get better.

By Sunday I was in sorry shape, a pitiful boo hooing mess. There was no putting it off any longer, I couldn’t wait until Monday, I would have to see a doctor.

So, I bravely (sounds better then dumbly) climbed the stairs from my house to the car, opened the door and crawled inside. Immediately I was overtaken with such pain I practically fell out of the car in tears.

Now what?

“No problem,” I thought to myself, “I’m a resourceful woman – I’ll call for help.”

I pulled out my cell phone and to my complete and utter frustration, there was no signal! I tried it repeatedly but the phone refused to cooperate. I laid my head down on the trunk of my car and cried like a baby.

I certainly couldn’t make it back down the hill to the house phone. I was stuck, with no way to reach out to anyone.

Lucky for me, my neighbor, Betty Bell, was home and happened to look out of the one side of her house where she could see me lying across the trunk of my car. What a welcome sight! Like an angel, she came to my rescue.

Betty took me to St. Luke’s where I was quickly seen, evaluated and given some pain and anti-inflammatory medications by Dr. Allison Owens. She gave me instructions to see my family doctor the following week.

I didn’t have a family doctor yet but I had filled out paperwork for the Family Physicians of Landrum just weeks prior.

I called and Dr. Erin Nash at the Family Physicians of Landrum treated me and referred me to Pro Physical Therapy in Columbus.

I’m so glad she did.

I was still in a lot of pain that first day of therapy. I shuffled my way through the door and prepared for my first day of therapy. Dan LaPlaca and his very capable staff treated me and after just one session I can say that I felt some relief.

My husband commented that he could hear it in my voice that I was feeling better. After several treatments I’m so glad to say that I am feeling much better.

Thankfully, the Polk County Transportation Authority also provides services to any resident in need of medical transportation for a very small fee.

So, back to the question – can you get good medical service in a small town?

I can’t answer for other small towns, but in this area my answer is a resounding yes!

Betty Ramsey is the publisher of the Tryon Daily Bulletin. Her email address is

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