Outdoor destination: The Narrows

Published 10:59am Thursday, March 10, 2011

The “Narrows” are something you have probably heard of if you have lived in this area very long, but you might be hard pressed to find it on a map.

A section of the Green River that’s located in about as remote of a location as you can get in Polk County, the Narrows is a unique natural feature that funnels the entire river into a narrow cut about 5-6 ft. wide, and that’s no fishing tale.

To me there is much more to the area than the actual Narrows, the remote location has several small waterfalls, seclusion, and rocks that rival or surpass anything that’s in the Rocky Broad River near Chimney Rock.

The walk in itself is interesting, Pulloms Creek runs near the trail for most of the hike, and the sound of several falls and runs on the creek has a tendency to draw you away from your destination to investigate.

If you choose to slow down your pace enough where you can look up instead of down at the trail, you can see some of God’s handiwork. You can still see a few Eastern Hemlock trees in the shady “hollers” along the way. And when you find shade and Hemlocks, Rhododendrons are sure to be close.

Well known to kayakers as a must or must not section to paddle, its hard for me, a fisherman, to think people go thru that area in a kayak. With names like Rapid Transit, Gorilla, Speed Trap and Prayer Zone, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to realize this is a unique section of river.

This section of the river is designated as Wild Trout Waters. Its known for a few big Brown Trout that work their way up from the stocked waters below and make the area home.

There is some bad news though and that’s the trail in. Although the trail is a moderate walk for the first 30 minutes, it takes a drastic turn from there. Once you get to where you can see the river, a trail cuts off sharply to the right and is extremely steep. There are ropes that you will need to use to make your way down and back up.

This section of the trail is very difficult and not for anyone who is not in very good shape. Trust me, the rescuers who would have to carry you back up will appreciate you not trying to go down this part of the trail if you are not capable.

That being said, if you are up for it, the Narrows are a good destination to spend a day at.

To get there, from Columbus take interstate 26 West to Upward Rd. in Hendersonville, exit to the right onto Upward Rd. and travel to Big Hungry Rd. and turn right. Stay on Big Hungry Rd, it forks twice, and when you come back to the Polk County line travel 8/10 of a mile past the line and there will be a small pull off on the right.

When you stop at the pull off you can see a small foot bridge crossing a small creek. Just on the other side of the bridge is a sign that says Pulloms Creek Trail. The best G.P.S. coordinates for the parking lot I could get were N 35 Deg 17.465’ W82 deg 19.725’.

Rob McComas is a licensed North Carolina fishing guide on Lake Lure and Lake Jocassee in S.C. He has been a guide for 11 years and fishing for more than 30. McComas lives with his wife, Amanda, in Sunny View and runs Robs Guide Service. He can be reached at robsguideservice@gmail.com.

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