St. Lukes Hospital honors medical staff for exceptional care

Published 2:56pm Monday, March 29, 2010

St. Lukes is celebrating again! This time, we want to recognize an outstanding group of men and women who are devoted to providing high quality healthcare with convenient access for the citizens of Polk County. Today, March 30, is chosen to celebrate and honor our medical staff. Nationally known as Doctors Day, March 30 is an observance to pay tribute to physicians and to their dedication to the health and welfare of their communities.

St. Lukes Hospital and our community are extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding and caring group of physicians who provide general, specialized and emergency care. On Doctors Day and every day, we appreciate their commitment to providing quality patient care, continuing advancements in treatment as well as encouraging health prevention and education.

National Doctors Day was initiated in 1935 by the Southern Medical Auxiliary. One source I checked reported that March 30 was the day Dr. Crawford Long, a renowned physician in Georgia, first used ether anesthesia in surgery. The year was 1842 when Dr. Long administered sulfuric ether on a towel to a 21-year-old patient in order to remove a tumor on the back of his neck. The patient, James Venable, inhaled the ether during the entire operation. Since he never experienced the slightest pain, Mr. Venable was doubtful the operation took place, until he saw the cyst that Dr. Long removed!

Medical care has come a long way over the years. Weve experienced tremendous advancements in diagnosing and treating patients, and that, in large part, is due to compassion and commitment physicians feel for the health and well-being of their patients.

While there are others in our community, the following physicians have privileges to treat patients at St. Lukes, and wed like to recognize and honor our medical staff for their devotion to patient care:

Cardiology – Dr. Joseph Dorchak, Dr. Michael Eickman, Dr. John Gallagher, Dr. Barry Huey, Dr. David Ike, Dr. Alejandro Lopez, Dr. James McGovern, Dr. Robert MacDonald, Dr. Nalin Srivastava and Dr. James Story

Dentistry – Dr. J. Mark McCall and Dr. Daniel Raiford

Dermatology – Dr. Peter Neidenbach

Emergency Care – Dr. Daniel Burishkin, Dr. William Dobbins, Dr. Seth Gartner, Dr. Timothy Kelly, Dr. Pierce Moore, Dr. Alison Owens, Dr. James Touchstone, Dr. Jason Watson, Dr. Eugene Watson and Dr. Edmond Welsh

Family Practice – Mike Bradey, PA, Dr. Kimberly Bridges, Dr. John Kornmayer, Dr. Lonnie Lassiter, Dr. Sandra McCormack and Dr. Todd Walter

General Surgery – Dr. James Holleman

Geriatrics – Dr. Daniel Meetze, Dr. Christopher Patterson, Dr. Edward Warren and Dr. Brad Whitney

Hematology/Oncology/Pulmonology – Dr. Matthew Rees and Dr. Gary Schafer Hospitalist-Dr. Mark Cornelius and Dr. Thomas Dashiell

Hyperbaric Chamber/Wound Care – Dr. Lonnie Lassiter

Internal Medicine-Dr. George Hartman, Dr. George Kim and Dr. A.T. Pagter

Neurology – Dr. Bogdan Gheorghiu, Dr. Carol Kooistra and Dr. Paulo Zortea

OB/GYN – Dr. Celeste Wiltse

Ophthalmology – Dr. Thomas Perraut

Orthopaedic Surgery – Dr. John Davis, Dr. Hobart Rogers (consulting staff) and Dr. Brian Rosenberg

Palliative Medicine – Dr. Andrew Kammell

Pathology – Dr. Rory Dalton, Dr. Meryl Goldstein, Dr. Stacey Ibrahim, Dr. Jane Lysko, Dr. Diane Mullins, Dr. Tram Pham, Dr. Joseph Sleater, Dr. Jason Sprouse and Dr. Michael Teaford

Plastic Surgery Dr. Roy Hobbs

Podiatry – Dr. Jerry Gross

Psychiatry – Dr. Robert Ratcliffe and Dr. Belynda Veser

Psychology – Dr. Gordon Schneider

Radiology – Dr. Martin Black, Dr. John Caldemeyer, Dr. Geoffrey Fey, Dr. Carlton Jenkins, Dr. Robert Klym, Dr. Ronald Liljedahl, Dr. Ralph Ricco, Dr. Richard Shelton, Dr. Elwood Stone and Dr. Andrew Wells

Urology – Dr. Clyde Gaffney, Dr. Rustan Van Wyk and Dr. John Walton

Please join the administration and staff of St. Lukes Hospital in appreciation of an outstanding medical staff and for their dedication to the health of Polk County. Without the support of our physicians, St. Lukes Hospital could not provide exceptional care, close to home.

St. Lukes Hospital is a not for profit, acute care hospital affiliated with Carolinas Healthcare System of Charlotte, N.C., for specialized management expertise, experience with developing strong community-based clinical services, and participation in revenue and purchasing contracts. CHS is the largest healthcare system in the Carolinas and the third largest public system in the nation.

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